Consulting—work with me

You’ve busted your ass on your product, shipped (yay!) and made something great. That’s awesome. Huge respect to you for shipping. 

Even more respect to you if you’ve turned your product into a stable, growing, healthy business!

If you’re at a point where you could use a hand with your product page, marketing analytics, and drip or lifecycle emails, I can help.

I’m a CRO specialist laser-focused on improving your conversion rate and monthly recurring revenue. I work remotely for clients all over the world, and love projects I can run with autonomously.

I’m easy to work with; and I’ve been on both sides of the client/consultant divide, so I understand how much communication and reliability matter. I like working with smart, easy going people on great products.

I’ve got a broad CRO toolkit:

  • An obsession with A/B testing.
  • A deep knowledge of Google Analytics.
  • A decade-plus of professional HTML/CSS/JS and design experience.
  • A passion for sharp, persuasive design and writing. (I started this site because of it!)

…and I enjoy the variety of challenges that come with marketing digital products—especially SaaS apps.

Short and long term projects

I enjoy short term projects, but I’m particularly interested in on-going client relationships where I can develop a deep understanding of your product, your customers, and your business. That’s the best way I can deliver long term value.

I’ve currently got one client slot available—I’m particularly interested in working on SaaS projects, so if you’re in a position where you could use the help, please let get in touch!

Projects you might hire me for…

Here’s a selection of things I could potentially do for you:

Product page teardowns

The first step to convincing visitors to become customers is to make sure they understand what your product is and what it offers.

  • Does your product page tell your product story in a clear and understandable way?
  • Is your copy nailing your value proposition?
  • Could you use a fresh perspective on your product page’s layout and design?

Your product is your baby. You’re thinking about it most of your waking hours (it probably makes a few appearances in your dreams, too). However what’s clear to you may not be so clear to your visitors.

I can help you nail your product story and value proposition in a clear, concise, and compelling way by tearing down your current product page. You can then use that teardown for your own inter-company discussions. Interested? Let’s schedule a chat.

A/B testing ideas and strategy

Your product page is currently only converting as well as the strategy behind it. If you’ve got traffic coming in…

  • Do you have analytics set up correctly?
  • Do you have an efficient A/B testing program in place? (You’re not just testing button text, are you?)
  • Do you need a strategy to take your page from good to great?

Whether you want to make a good page great, or bring order to the ungodly chaos that is trying to optimize a product page while shipping software, I can help.

I can provide a strategy that’s tailored specifically to your situation, your resources, and your key performance metric.

That strategy will, if you’re working with me, boil down to something very simple:

Working out the most efficient way for you to test a broad range of good ideas so you find the best performing page.

I can turn that pithy statement into a set of diagnosed issues and concrete next steps for you and your team. Get in touch and we can get the conversation going.

Drip and lifecycle emails

A coherent product story is great, but being able to keep the conversation going with your potential customers is even better.

Drip campaigns (for pre-sales and onboarding) and lifecycle emails (for customers) are a popular, effective strategy used by SaaS companies to increase conversion rates, reduce churn, and increase customer engagement.

The hard part is finding the time to implement them.

I can help. I can walk you through a process of identifying and quantifying the most important steps in your customer journey, and come up with an email strategy for addressing the most crucial (and lucrative) steps in that journey. Get in touch to discuss your email strategy.

SaaS slides and research

Wish you could hire a smart person’s brain to do the research you wish you could if only you had the time?

Need someone to prepare slides on your competitors’ marketing, pricing models, or strategy?

I love doing research—the insane amount of tabs I have open right now is testament to that.

If you have a research brief, a budget, and don’t need it done yesterday (!), I’d love to see what I can do for you, so please get it touch.

Don’t put it in the too hard basket

Finally, a plea.

I know you’re busy. I know you’re really focused on your product right now. I know how products can take every last drop of energy to get them out the door in a not-mortifyingly-embarrassing state. (I spent years trying to get a SaaS app up, so I feel your pain.)

But if you settle with what you have now, you’re probably incurring a hefty opportunity cost—the cost of every customer you’re missing out on because your page isn’t converting optimally.

There are cases where that is a cost worth bearing. Maybe you’re putting out fires; or trying to hire; or pitching to raise money. That’s fine.

But if you’re plugging away at the next feature or next iteration while letting your product page stagnate because hey it’s not really my thing and working on the product is much more fun then please let me help you.

Doing nothing is by definition “regret”, and in terms of opportunity cost, doing nothing can be very expensive.

But if you’re interested in having someone work with you on a strategy that doesn’t involve some gigantic mega-redesign (who wants to go through that pain again?) then you should get in touch.

Availability and rates

My availability is extremely limited. (Really—that’s not B.S. scarcity!) Therefore I’m far more suited to established businesses that have the organizational head-space and timeframe to think about their product page strategy in an ongoing way. (Startups in pre-launch crunch mode are probably not the best fit, sorry.)

I’m not cheap, and I’m not for first-time-hiring-a-contractor businesses either. I am very effective and reliable though. You get what you pay for. ;)

I love working with tech and software companies, so if that’s you, please get in touch below. ♥

Get in touch

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Thanks so much for reading, and if you’re keen to work together I’d love to hear from you.

—Luke Stevens

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